Bongo Drums for Latin Music

Published: 13th August 2009
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Latin music widely uses percussion instruments like bongos and congas. Bongos are originally thought to have originated from Africa and brought to Cuba in later years.
Bongos consist of a pair of drums mounted on the knees while playing. It has 2 drums. One of them is significantly larger than the other.

Wood, metal and synthetic materials are used to make the bongos. The drum is made of wood and it is well supported by metal rims and rods. A tuning lug is used to tune the bongos to get the desired tone. In olden days the bongos were heat tuned. Now, it is much easier to tune with the help of the tuning lugs.

Beat animal skin were used in the olden times. Today synthetic materials which closely resemble the sound tone of animal skin is widely used. Bongos produce a high pitched tone rich sound. It is played with both the hands, using the palm and fingers. It is also played with sticks and mallets. Lot of players in the hand drumming circles have embraced bongos and have invented their own playing techniques. Some of them use a bit of moisture by rubbing saliva or sweat or some liquid lubricant to alter the tone.

The smaller drum is known as Macho and the larger drum is known as Hembra. Latin percussion Inc. is one of the first companies to get into manufacturing Latin American percussion instruments. Other manufacturers that manufacture this drum include Remo, Gon Bops, Toca, Tycoon and Pearl.
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