How Women can Build Muscle and Look Lean and Sexy

Published: 07th April 2009
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A lot of women get scared to hear about building muscles or the idea of weight training. All they want to do is to get rid of fat. If you are one such, then you need to understand a few things:

• The only way to get rid of all fat is to build lean mass

• Muscles actually look good and will not make you look like a hulk or a body builder

You do not have to fear looking like a hulk as the female hormones are wired to make you not look like that how much ever you try.

How can women build muscles:

Women can build muscles much the same way men do. You need to get the right combination of diets and exercises. The diets should be a proper combination of carbohydrates, protein and fats.

Having more small meals will increase the body's metabolism and lead to more muscles built in a short time. It is good to have 5 or 6 meals a day instead of 3 or 4. It is also important to know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat for each of the meals.

If you workout in the morning, make sure you take a carbohydrate drink (glucose rich) immediately after the workout. The muscles get depleted of the glycogen after the workout. When you take glucose after the workout, this will trigger the insulin secretion which has the property of converting glucose into glycogen which will get stored in the muscles. If you have this carbohydrate drink (usually a fruit shake) at any other time when the insulin response is not there, it will lead to glucose being stored as fat.

Hence, it is important to understand the nutrient timing when it comes to framing your diets for muscle gain and fat loss.

When it comes to weight training, you need to use the principle of progressive overload to continually increase the weight slowly. Start with small weights and keep on increasing as you start building resistance to the weights. This way, your muscle keeps getting developed.

What you need is a clear blueprint that explains the foundation of muscle building and fat loss and a clear step by step instruction consisting of the right diets to take and the exercise routines to follow at the right time.

You need the right Muscle Building Program that explains clearly the exact step by step diet and exercise routines that you need to follow each day to build a Magnificent body. Visit Muscle building guide Review now to get the body you dream about.

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