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Published: 15th September 2008
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Vaginal yeast infection affects 8 out of 10 women in their lifetime. For a lot of them it happens to be a recurring problem. The female vagina unfortunately plays an excellent host for the yeast to survive and multiply. Yeast requires warmth and moisture for growth and hence it seeks refuge in vagina playing havoc and causing all the frustrations to the sufferer.

The usual conventional method for vaginal yeast infection cure is to go for over the counter medications. Also, doctors prescribe antibiotics to kill the yeast infection. Unfortunately, antibiotics do nothing to address the root cause of the yeast infection which is the excessive activity of Candida in our body. Further, the antibiotics kill the useful bacteria which have the natural property to keep Candida in check, making the body even more prone to yeast infections. Thus it is common to see people rambling all over the forums and message boards of how they tried pills and how it only resulted in them having yeast infections with increased severity.

So what then is the best solution?
Luckily, there is a solution. The best way to cure a vaginal yeast infection is to resort to natural holistic treatment methods, where the root cause of the yeast infection is treated instead of addressing only the symptoms. The treatment method should be a two pronged approach. It should treat the local symptoms of yeast infection like the itches, burns and soreness and also treat the root cause so that recurring infections can be prevented.

Some of the treatments you can follow right away to relieve your itches are follows:

Apply unsweetened yogurt in and around the affected region. This should have a chilling effect on application. The bacteria present in yogurt will kill the yeast present in the skin and you should feel better in minutes.

Another effective treatment is to use dilute tea tree oil in the affected area. Tea tree oil has antifungal properties which help fight yeast infection.

The above method will give an instant relief from itches and burns, but to treat the yeast infections and keep it from coming back, you need to treat the root cause of the infections. Also, if you prolong taking action to cure yeast infection at its source for long, it can cause severe health hazards, lack of energy, weakened immunity, hair loss etc. It is important to act right now to live a healthier, life free of yeast infections countless problems associated with it.

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